“Sharmishtha (Trisha) Basu”


Sharmishtha Basu is a prolific writer, digital painter, blogger, and current resident of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She has written an astonishing number of poems, stories, and commentary on things Indian over the years. She authors and moderates at least sixteen blogs as of this counting. She has produced a wide range of images to illustrate her works, and has published at least twenty-six book-length collections of her writings and images to date.

With a fertile imagination and keen understanding of social issues in India and thereabouts, her writings encompass such genres as culture, politics, fantasy, science fiction, horror, and matters of the heart. She is the creator and moderator of the twin eZines, Agnishatdal and Agnijaat, and continues her writing and painting unimpeded by those things that would discourage lesser creators of words and images.

She is currently keeps herself busy on hours of writing, reading, and creating evocative images. Tirelessly working on writing and painting projects, she spends much of her time immersed in music while painting, and it shows in the colorful results of her artistry, and writing with the music switched off.
Her social media mumbo-jumbo for you:
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biography written by Troy David Loy

46 thoughts on ““Sharmishtha (Trisha) Basu”

  1. My dearest sis,
    I just love you, let me digest this beauty and will write about all that I am feeling right now.

    Love you, so proud of you and I will think of something to make this love go beyond.

  2. dearest, sweetest tinysis,
    I am so happy to see you here. I have missed you a lot.
    How is every thing? I am enjoying life a lot.
    love you toooo much. dont run away again.
    lots of love.

    1. How is life now for you my dearest? I was thinking about you and thought this was the best place to find you. I want to hear form you.
      Tell me how are you!? How is your brother? I dreamed about you.
      Tons of love
      your sis

      1. i have been missing you a lot too! leave me your blog address if you have one and allow anonymous comments.

        lots of love.

      1. your posts are really interesting. i am a big fan of shamshad begam, it was sweet to know her birthday, a bit sad that i missed the date.

    1. thank you so very much, i was first a bit sad that you dont write in english then i saw the posts.

      do keep writing in english please so i could read them πŸ™‚

  3. Sharmistha in your description you call yourself ‘aspiring’ … you know I had read somewhere that if you are writing something then you cannot be aspiring … and your writing is awesome …. love reading your blogs …. keep them coming πŸ™‚

      1. Ya.Write from the heart and who knows you just might be published.Even if it is a small outfit,it would be a start.
        I am following some other blogs on the publishing industry.I”ll tell you if I find anything that looks useful.

      2. Yes and Best of Luck!Remember me in your forward and if ever you become really Rich and Famous write me a small cheque and help me start a trust to help first time authors get started.

  4. Trisha! You have a wonderful, colourful blog and you seem like a really kind and interesting person! I share your pessimism πŸ˜‰ and about leaving others to live in peace. Lovely message. Rich

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