Friday Anecdotes 7.4.17


Remorse? He did not knew the spelling of that word.

His brother was against his nephew’s lover, he was totally against it! Adamant like hell!

His nephew begged him to soften him, he introduced him to his lover, he brazenly got after her, so shamelessly that the girl kicked them both out of her life because his nephew could not object the behavior of his lecherous uncle.

He married elsewhere but the old lecher kept stalking the girl, harassing her in every possible way using his fat wallet and wicked connections.

His nephew returned to his hometown after years, his friends told him what his uncle has been doing all the while, the poor fellow tried to confront him this time, now he was older and he has seen his handiwork, the way he has ruined his lover.

It was futile. The lecher knew no shame!

He killed himself, aghast at the turn that the things took!

People thought that the lecher will follow him too, they were absolutely wrong.


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