Friday Anecdotes 24.3.17


“What a lover!” the boy sitting opposite to her exclaimed, she lifted her eyes and followed his gaze.

“Baby don’t leave me!”

Someone has written the line on a hill! She looked at the construction site. The workers were busy building the factory premises.

One of them was Rupesh, she picked up her bag, the station was five minutes away.

“You were going to Delhi?” the woman next to her asked, “Were not you?”

“I have left something important behind… will have to collect it first!” she answered with a smile.

“Ask someone to courier it….” The woman suggested. “You will return back to home, collect the thing, then return Delhi, courier will be cheaper.”

“Too big to be sent by courier!” she smiled wider.

“Kids these days! “ the woman remarked to her husband, “Check their belongings when the train is hundred mile away from home!”

She fished out the engagement ring from her bag and slipped it in her finger, how could she be mad at him anymore?


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