Friday Anecdotes 17.3.17


He almost choked when his balloon passed by the small castle, yeah passed by! He was not flying 30 feet above the ground, he was flying in clouds, and there it was!

Sitting pretty, perfectly camouflaged with the cloud. An old man was sitting on the porch, with a glass in his hand. He waved at him and winked, absolutely delighted by his expression.

“Mind if I join you?” he just could not resist himself.

“Oh no! Not at all! Tie your balloon to one of the sticks made for exactly that purpose, sometimes some helicopters pay visit… there are arrangements in the backyard.” The old man invited him warmly.

“Since my childhood I have always dreamt about living in a cloud, rolling on it, eating its pieces, now I could not do the latter two things but…did the first one.” He grinned.

“Why have we not heard about your castle?” he asked.

“You know governments and their red tapes, if they know they will bring me down to earth!”


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