Friday Anecdotes 3.2.17


She turned back, he was still following her. His skeletal body, hungry eyes bore straight into her heart. But her hands were already full…

She walked on hoping he will walk away, find someone else to stalk but when she turned before entering her home he was standing, a little distance away as if he knew that she was about to desert him, leave him out in the street to fend himself. His huge brown eyes looked at her, full of plea.

“You win!” she muttered, “You wicked mutt!”
“Chitra we have another member for the home, he is standing outside, on the pavement, take him in if he is still there!” she called out before entering.
When she entered the kennels half an hour later, he was standing in the courtyard, clean and fed, wagging his little tail with joy.
“Who says dogs are dumb animals!” she looked at him with smiling eyes, “You picked me up from the crowd of the entire marketplace!”
He wagged his tail harder.


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