Thursday Scribblings 5.1.17

Will we become true Bengalis by celebrating Tagore’s birthday and playing his songs in loudspeakers? How about the values he taught?

If we look around we will feel that most probably the whole world is going downwards when it comes to human beings, their nature and behavior, but why should that be final? Because politicians want that! Everywhere the main reason behind human corruption these days is politics. The kings were often bad, so were their courtiers but back in those days the common people were noble, they had high values and ethics, at least that is what stories tell us! The kings were either tyrants or they were just, whatever they were they stayed for very long time, rarely did they gave away their crowns before death, that too mostly at a ripe age. So, that somehow gave a little stability, heaven or pure hell to their subjects.

Now is the era of politicians, who come out of nowhere and run after the votebank, they are capable of doing anything and everything for those votes. It is quite interesting but all wars, that has caused too much death have been egged on by “not kings” excluding the crusades. Hitler, Stalin, Bush- none of these were kings, they all can be called politicians.

Truly, I have started to wonder if politicians are our worse choice of rulers or not, after all they are rulers and we have elected them. So this time we can’t blame anyone else! But did we really made a nice choice?


2 thoughts on “Thursday Scribblings 5.1.17

  1. Never thought of it like that, that even hell can mean stability in a way. I mean, in France we had the Sun King and then Napoleon, before that whole thing fell apart. I need to educate myself on Bengali politics, but over here it’s very populist, right wing, and anti everything that’s not white as the driven snow. Meanwhile, people don’t even realize that pretty much everyone is mixed with something over here. Everyone says they hate the leader, but someone voted for the guy. I think it’s a question of stability, too. Almost fifty years of communism and then changes appeared. It messed with people’s minds.

    • Yeah, long enough in hell and you learn tricks to avoid the heat, but if the temperature keeps fluctuating every five year… ten year… then things can become far more problematic, especially if all temperature changes cause you mostly harm!

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