Thursday Scribblings 1.12.16

We human beings have a tendency to let things of past and probable future ruin our present, with or without reason.

Things that went wrong in past keep hovering in our mind for too long, ruining the joys, we brood over things that went wrong in past, the question is can we actually allow them not to? Some people are worriers by nature, they just cant stop themselves from brooding, fretting over things that has happened and are about to happen.

They are not one of those lucky persons who can sing “que sera sera” that is, “What will be will be” from heart or “let bygones be bygones”, they are fixated on “Whys and Hows”.

Can we consciously change this mindset? Then how? I have tried changing mine for years, quite sincerely, if not devotedly but have not been very successful, but we can divert our mind, that also works. At least works for me, it turns the night into cloudy day if not full of sunshine.

Have you ever battled with this human tendency? Did you win?


4 thoughts on “Thursday Scribblings 1.12.16

  1. I really believe in mind over matter. And it works! The problem is getting there. Because that demon can take over anytime. I say demon because it does seem like it, some evil power working against you. I’m sure that’s how our medieval brethren saw it, not my fault, a demon. Or maybe it’s depression, or getting older, middle age.

    I like and dislike the demon analogy. Like, because I’ve always been fascinated by people’s interpretation of higher powers, and dislike because it makes it too easy on you. Too easy to ward off responsibility. I was thinking of writing about this more fatalistic approach.

    I used to be the devil-may-care girl. Because I knew deep down inside that things would be alright. But at times also a worrier. I blame it on being a Gemini. I swear it’s getting older and experiencing setbacks, not achieving this goal or that.

    But you know what? Your post just really made me want to get my act together and apply this mind over matter concept I believe in but forgot about. Especially with the people around me. So thank you!

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