Thursday Scribblings 24.11.16

People should always pick up their own friends, lovers and spouses-why? Because if you test a person yourself chances of your fitting in with that person are far higher.

We all do it, mingle with the friends of our friend, or siblings and mostly after some time we discover that it was not that good an idea. Sometimes we end up regretting it, especially if our relationship with the person who introduced us to that group is ruined, we often discover that his/her friends quite naturally are more loyal towards him/her; or worse, we discover through his/her friends that s/he was not what we thought s/he was! That is a different issue, but in the end, it is always better to spend your time with those who you have decided to make a part of your life, share your time with.

Even your best friend’s friends may not be of your league, or they may get jealous of the special bond you share with your friend and try to ruin it. That too happens very often!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Scribblings 24.11.16

  1. You know, I feel so passionately about this. I see so many relationships go south because family or friends might not accept the person you really want to be with. Of course the repercussions are not death (unless you count social exclusion). But it’s funny (not hah hah funny, just interesting funny) how the opinions of our peers can matter so much we give up our own happiness, when the worst repercussion is gossip.

    • exactly, the worst repercussion in cases like this are gossip or boycott, yet we will rather sacrifice our own happiness than face those things! Been there, done that, now regret those decisions. But fortunately did only few times.

      • Isn’t that weird? I’ve done it, too. And it’s so pointless when you think about it, but we still do it. Or did enough times for it to matter and feel regret. And the funny thing is, when you decide that you can’t please anyone and do what you want, they respect you more. Well, I have some relatives who don’t. But I don’t respect them or their opinions either, and I’ve stopped listening and caring almost thirty years ago. That’s why I refer to them as relatives and not family. Family is sacred, regardless of whether it’s a soul connection or blood.

  2. I fully agree, I never call my family my family, I add an “ex” before that, I rather prefer my friends, who have trusted me and supported me when I was in hell! Am grateful to my brother that he is bearing my burden ….

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