Thursday Scribblings 20.10.16

Obeying elders is a lesson that has been taught from earliest childhood, and till a century or so back kids have been blindly following that lesson. Somewhere down the line this teaching has lost its value quite a lot. One wonders, were children, elders were naïve earlier or human nature has deteriorated so much in past few decades, maybe it has, but whatever the reasons are, kids these days are taught not to trust elders blindly, even those close to them.

The next question that arises is what was better, blindly following elders or mistrusting everyone and disobeying them, like so many kids we see these days, they are downright disrespectful to elders to a limit that one wonders about the upbringing!

Honestly, I believe up to an age kids should obey most of the orders of elders, and parents should of course teach them the limit which no one can cross! Like if a stranger orders you to get into his car, you certainly should not be obeying him but if he orders you to stop shouting, you should.

Unfortunately human beings are just like animals in one too many ways, they too harm unprotected little ones, sometimes monstrously and in the past, maybe these stories were not circulated but now they are and every parent wants their children to be safe and happy.

But a disobedient, rude, undisciplined person won’t get far in any sphere of life, and these things are learnt from childhood, so even at a little risk small kids should be taught to obey but just as I said, parents should teach the limit.

By the time kids become teenager they become “super smart”, I was too, I also thought I know everything, but in my teenage we were obedient to our elders, we just could not disobey them, and now, when I look back I have a mixed feeling, some of them were downright misguiding, manipulative, brazen enough to misguide someone so younger than them but I was not right always either. So teenagers can be a little choosy- who to obey and who not! But they should not go too far. There are types of disobedience, one is open, the other discreet, but obey or disobey they should always first assess the consequences. After thoroughly assessing that, they should take the next step.

By the time we are in our youth, read it after joining our first job we ultimately start to recognize people quite well, after that, we should be more and more relying on our own views, but then, again we should listen to elders and the disobedience should be discreet, there is no need to be disrespectful.

Mostly elders have a lot to share, they may not be compatible to our lifestyle, or time but there is no harm in having a few opinions about everything.


10 thoughts on “Thursday Scribblings 20.10.16

  1. You have raised good points here dear. Children follow what their parents and elders do so teaching them from childhood while following them our self is necessary.

  2. Totally agree with this. Children should be taught by a trusted adult / elder or two to discern manipulative and evil / bad behavior. Children can feel it, they just need validation. And it’s pretty confusing for them, because on the one hand they’ve been taught to respect, they’ve been taught values, but the Bad Grown Up doesn’t fit into that image.

    But respecting your elders (providing they’re decent) goes without saying. It goes both ways. We respect our young by guiding them (enforcing rules if necessary) and our elders by listening to them and acknowledging their wisdom.

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