Thursday Scribblings 13.10.16

Self Love of love for oneself is shunned by most religions, people often mistake it with selfishness, but is it really selfish and vain to love yourself? Or is it selfish when you love only yourself, vain when you think you are the only one worthy of being counted in this world or your group.

What is wrong if you love yourself and love others too, you believe that you deserve love and affection in return of the love and affection you are giving to others, if they don’t you don’t grumble or complain or throw a fit, you just move and start looking for those who will love you just the way you are in return of your love.

What is wrong if you are happy with your bland skin, bald head and crooked teeth, you just don’t care how you look! All that matters to you is what you have inside. You are not jealous of beautiful people, nor are you intimidated by their beauty. You appreciate their beauty but love your own defects.

What is wrong if you know you are a human being who stumbles and falls, and then you don’t feel smug about it, you feel sorry and try to stop it from happening again but you don’t curse yourself, call yourself names and don’t do that to others too when they stumble or fall, you only see if they try to stop that in future and that decides your relation with them.

In today’s world so full of impatience, haste and intolerance I believe everyone should love, forgive and accept oneself just the way one is and others if one wants to live a full, meaningful life.

Not everything that is applicable to others is applicable to everyone. Rules should change with situation.


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