Thursday Scribblings 22.9.16

“Dangling a cow by a rope is insult to Hinduism, even if it is plastic cow and is about environment protection!” Said a police station to two sculptors who were trying to display the painful effects of plastic packs on animals…

Next time, hang a goat, a monkey, a cat, a dog… not a cow! Got it? We Hindus are trying to return to middle ages, once we make there we will resume our journey back to stone age! So, before you start creating/writing/painting anything consult Hinduism’s modern saviors!

You will find them everywhere, they don’t know much about Hinduism, its philosophies but they know the criteria of Hinduism, they have written them you idiot! How will they know it otherwise?

If you don’t then don’t complain if you are abused, jailed, your house is set on fire!

Thursday Scribblings 1.9.16  caveman


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