Thursday Scribblings 1.9.16

“Women should not wear Salwar suit, western dresses, they should wear only sari. They are Hindu women and they should act likewise!” Said a monkey to women.

From almost the beginning Hindu men has been forcing women to bear the burdens of Hinduism while they enjoyed the fun. By doing almost anything they wanted, forcing the women to bear their part of burden too.

Do they think women are fool enough to walk back to cave? Before preaching women of today to wrap up those five meters every day while they rush to school, college, office they may first start working a little harder.

By running the buses and trains and other commutes on time, keeping the traffic smooth so that women can enjoy those extra minutes they waste in waiting for buses, autos, taxis and thereafter when they are caught in traffic jams to wear sari and deck up as Hindu Women!

Next they can start cleaning up the roads so that women can walk on them wearing saris that will touch the ground no matter how hard you try to avoid!

Or maybe they can just make arrangements of picking up Hindu girls from their doorsteps and drop them wherever, whenever they have to go out!

They certainly don’t expect women to go back to their cages, do they? So, as they will go out and work they will absolutely use their own set of dresses too. If it bugs them so much, then before expecting them to listen to their “requests/pleadings- not orders” they should first remove the obstacles.

Thursday Scribblings 1.9.16  caveman


8 thoughts on “Thursday Scribblings 1.9.16

  1. Women should be free to wear what they want, it’s us men who need to be educated to respect women, to protect their rights and to enjoy what they bring with them. The more we try to tell women that they should be home makers the more determined they become to break out of these chains. I love diversity because it introduces new thoughts and brings so much into the workplace. Women can make big decisions and follow them through, they do however, bring a different perspective. Long may women be strong and make a difference at work.

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