Thursday Scribblings 25.8.16 envy thy neighbour

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This is something that India has picked up in last few centuries I guess, the problem is we did not had writers back then, writers who wrote about society regularly! But if we check out works of writers a century or a bit more older then we will see this “envy thy neighbor” syndrome has taken such a big hike over “be content with own wealth” mindset.

It is so visible openly, filthily these days that one starts wondering if human beings were ever content with their own plate or were always eying, envying, hating the plates of others!

One can say that in earlier ages only handful had too much wealth, and they lived in palaces, mansions, forts where their guards took care of them and their wealth, every rich man or king had their own battalion of guards who were licensed to kill, they did not had to depend on cops (who can be biased) or nothing! Maybe a gun or two, that too won’t work much against a mob pelting stones or trying to torch your villa. So back then envy was kept in chains? Ah! One does want to believe that human beings were better in past right? They appeared to be!

Maybe we can blame the politicians who keep dividing people on different issues, color, caste, creed, bank balance and then pit them against each other so that they can reap benefits from them. That can quite be the reason in India if you believe that this vice is a new disease.

After all, it is but natural for a slum dweller to envy the people who live in high-rises right beside the slum where he lives in a subhuman condition. Their flashy lifestyle may churn up the hatred, poison that is already in his heart. Then he hears in some political propaganda how all rich people steal money from poor to become rich! The rest is evident everywhere- pelting stones at cars, passing remarks at women…

This is something that has been done in west Bengal for full thirty years, as a result the state has become more of a cesspool than the amazing center of culture it was, so one really starts to hope that it is just downward swing of pendulum and people were better before!

TScriblling downward swing of pendulum


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