Thursday Scribblings 4.8.16 materialism

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Well if you start to dig for probable causes you will start to wonder if materialism is the main cause of this downward swing of our civilization! Now, before British rule and ample influence of western culture India was more into spiritualism than materialism. Of course people looked for worldly pleasure,, wealth but the main tune was spiritualism, people somehow praised spiritualism from heart, because there was plenty in their plates, but after the draining of 200 years and partition, and displacement and riots not much was left in the country’s treasury.

Did that made people greedy? At first most probably for their loved ones then with time when the situation did not improved they started to think about themselves too, and thus the main mantra became materialism, and with it came all other vices that thrive with it.

Any Indian will admit that Indians have been through more than enough through British rule and after that, had our politicians been better things might have changed unfortunately they are more materialist than the common public, so the country that once gave birth to sages who shunned worldly pleasures is now giving birth to sons who throw away their parents and parents who sell their daughters for own welfare!

If one thing could be wiped out of Indian mind- materialism (politicians too are Indians don’t forget- no matter how disgusting they are) then things may change for better I believe!

TScriblling downward swing of pendulum


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