Thursday Scribblings 28.7.16 moralism

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Somewhere down the road, especially after independence the morals of Indian have taken a serious dip downwards, no honest Indian can deny that cruel truth.

Now, we won’t know if it was there before independence too, but honestly, the society that gave birth to those hundreds of martyrs and great minds like Vivekananda, Lala Lajpat Rai etc. I wonder if that society was really that low on moral ingredients. If we start making list of noble Indians before independence we will get dozens of them in each century.

Now, did they vanish after independence? I truly doubt that! They did survived for quite some time and tried to change the country but the crooks that thrived post independence kept crushing them till they became invisible.

This is another tragedy of present society I think! You have to be a predator, a snatcher, a manipulator and many other things to succeed these days, some slip through the quagmire but most just rot, and how can a cesspool give anything but muck?

TScriblling downward swing of pendulum


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