When you send submissions to Agnishatdal

1. first copyright it (I don’t want anyone to steal your works), I am a bit suspicious about “safety” on internet, that includes emails, so I will beg you to first copyright and then send me for assessing.

2. Now as I have already, sheepishly said that I don’t trust internet safety so if you send your work to me, do say it in agnishatdalezine.wordpress.com too, so that it gets my attention, just recently I got an email from a relative asking to contact me, after 10 years of absolute silence, I was quite shocked, and was even more shocked when she told me in response to my mail that she never contacted me! ha! so someone hacked into her account and wrote me, not only that, that person was pretty sure that when I answer that email, even then s/he will be able to access someone else’s email account! I am glad that it was not my email account, or I hope so!

So this babble means when you send me any of your works to sermistabasu@gmail.com send a copy to sharmishthabasu@Hotmail.com so that if the mails are getting displaced I will at least get a hint!! Finally tell me in agnishatdalezine.wordpress.com that you have sent me your submission, I will absolutely answer you when I get your submission! that much I can promise you! From now on I will try to regularly check both ids, on alternate days maybe! but at least twice every week, so if you don’t get answer within a week ask me in the magazine’s wordpress site.



Please Please leave your URLs with your comments so I can return your sweet gesture. We all love to read comments, dont we?

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