Thursday Scribblings 2.6.16 poverty and its sisters 6th Indian plague P2


It walks hands in hands with poverty. They are made for each other, one creates the other and are absolutely cooperative in each other’s hazardous activities.

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems of Indian society these days, a disease that is destroying the country but has been kept hidden quite shrewdly. We all know, that if we don’t have money we are poor, and unemployed people certainly don’t have money, so they are poor. Thus unemployment helps poverty to encroach further and in return those born in poverty are mostly incapable of getting proper employment, job good enough to meet their needs! So, they thrive well together.

Indian Governments might have done something serious about unemployment, and through it might have diminished poverty but they are too busy making money, always have been, always will be!

So these two sisters will bump into you everywhere!



2 thoughts on “Thursday Scribblings 2.6.16 poverty and its sisters 6th Indian plague P2

  1. It really is a curse and the longer you are unemployed, the harder it is to get a job. It may be tempting to look at the stock market or the government to see how well a country is doing, but instead it is worth a lot more to see how its poorest citizens are doing.

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