Thursday Scribblings 26.5.16 poverty and its sisters 6th Indian plague P1

Many Centuries ago Chanakya, a legendary politician of India wrote a quote, this man was a genius when it came to studying the society and human nature. I will someday share his quotes with you, the one that I am talking about is his opinion about poverty, in gist he believed that poverty meant losing everything- including your sense of direction!

Now, talking about poverty of India is futile, whole world knows about it. Those of us who have seen it up close, and have walked by those who are huddling under a tarpaulin sheet in pouring winter rain, trying furiously to keep the stove burning as rain and wind gush in from every direction can get a whiff of how bleak, horrible poverty can be, and how there is nothing to glorify in it.

The only thing that can be done about is is remove it! Get rid of it for good! I do believe that is possible. At least diminishing it to minimal level is possible but everyone will have to try. Including the poor.

Especially the governments.



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