Thursday Scribblings 19.5.16 Let’s worship the flag P7

Hypocrisy at its best.

This attempt to build a glass box around national symbols like flag, national anthem is so immature! These controversies – wearing national flag, singing national anthem for money… they are so ludicrous. Respect is something that comes from within, as long as that person is not wearing the flag in his shoes or someplace distasteful to those who “worship” it they can be ignored, cant they? That only means that person’s views on respecting India differs from you, or s/he does not respects India, is it mandatory?

Now, when I was a child we were taught to become statue whenever we heard national anthem and stand up. Then the microphones invaded the houses, and these super-zealous patriots, playing national anthem like kirtans (religious songs) whenever they wanted, honestly initially I used to stand up but slowly I realized how dumb it is, your respect for your country is in your heart, as long as you don’t show disrespect you can chose when and when not to openly express it. Had I been a professional singer and someone had offered me money to sing national anthem why in the earth would have I refused that? No I am not dying for money, crazy for money but that is my way of making living so why will I sing for free? If I do then that won’t be a favor to the nation and if I don’t then that won’t be a disrespect to the nation!



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