Thursday Scribblings 28.4.16 Let’s worship the flag P4

Silencing the rivals in corruption?

Since passing the teenage a little seed of suspicion popped up in my mind and with time and very good amount of fertilizer and other stuffs from the society it has now become a nice, sturdy tree.

This “overzealous” broadcasting of patriotism, definition of which changes with the political majority is it actually, really patriotism or a shrewd way of silencing those who speak against hypocrisy? Against corruption or autocracy?

Now, I know you will say the days of autocracy is gone, but in reality, politicians everywhere, including India are quite autocrats- they control the police, the army. They monitor the laws and the constitution. They do it all with our money and use them to control us, so they are sort of indirect autocrats.

Now, to be that indirect autocrat they will have to hoodwink majority, so they get voted again, so they throw these things at us in the name of patriotism and we nibble on them like fishies in the ponds to be hooked and cooked.

Hate thy neighbours- they are all conspiring against India (How do they enter and find foothold in India if there are not too many disgruntled people here, why are they so disgruntled to do something as heinous as harming, destroying your own country?)

Hate British, Britain- the nasty colonists! (Ahem, they stayed here for only 200 years, did quite a bit harm but did oodle lot of good too, but now they are gone without any trace so we don’t have time for cursing them, we will rather concentrate on their predecessors and see what they are doing!)

Hate your own brothers- hate muslims, hate sikhs, hate hindus, hate cristians, hate low castes, hate high castes…. Hate hate hate to prove that you love India! (Really? I thought India had a 5000 year old history of ample amount of tolerance and co-existence, where did this hate theory showed up to be worthy of Indianhood?)

Don’t speak ill of your country- first think what you have done for your country then only think of what it has done for you. (Yeah! Of course, What if I have done that bit for the country and that has been devoured by the rampant corruption of this country? What if I have problem with the people who run the country? They just run the country they are NOT the country!)



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