Thursday Scribblings 21.4.16 Let’s worship the flag P3

A little soul searching will be fine.

Before you label yourself as a “proud Indian” and think that is all you have to do for your country freeze. Just stop there. Then start looking around, dowry death, open butchering in name of religious intolerance, open butchering of whistle-blowers, open butchering of people who protest miscreants and hooligans… bribe, dowry… can a country be called that perfect with this level of negative activities? So, yes, say you are a proud Indian and then try to change the society, so that your kids become truly proud of the country you left behind for them.

Before becoming an ostrich use the brain, conscience that God has given you and act accordingly, don’t just say I am proud to be *** or I worship my ****first see what you are proud of or who you are worshipping. If you are worshipping the past, that is good, because a few centuries ago India was an amazing country then we destroyed it and are dragging it lower, but now is the time that we stop looking at past and try to present for better.



6 thoughts on “Thursday Scribblings 21.4.16 Let’s worship the flag P3

    • even though I firmly believe that government should be seriously working to uplift people below poverty level or borderline but quota and red tapes are killing this country!

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