Thursday scribblings 7.4.16 obstructions to glory 1

Ah! Don’t you sometimes feel it? That has things been right you might have been someplace else? You might have been a more successful version of yourself?

I often do! We mostly face similar obstructions in pursuing our goals, dreams. Let’s mull over them! I wonder if we have the same set of boulders in our roads to victory/success!

Family- family can be a big solid support or a huge mountain in path of success, especially parents and if you are really unlucky then older siblings.

My parents, well they did not cared much about future of their kids I will say, they just gave birth and gave the essential things to give I think, a few pair of clothes, tummy full of food and school- not good, decent or proper- just school!

Were they capable of giving better? Yes they were! Why did they not then? I don’t know! Had I been in their place I would have gone for two kids and they would have been offered the best education available in the town, heck! I might have enrolled them in some good school in Agra had it not been available in Tundla! A doctor can bring up two kids very well!

But whatever the reason was they did not. One passed away too early and the other one thought it was not her duty to provide education to the remaining two kids, others were independent already.

Those siblings who were independent in place of supporting the underage siblings cashed upon their vulnerability by further destroying their career.

So family can be ordered from hell in case of careers or your dreams!


4 thoughts on “Thursday scribblings 7.4.16 obstructions to glory 1

  1. I feel sorry for you. I know parents can be overprotective that may hinder their growth. Once grown up siblings have their own life to deal with but we have to agree that a lot of beautiful families and relations are out there. Your story is an example for how not to be .

    • ha! I agree with that part! ignoring your siblings is alright I believe, not helping them but throwing stones on them while they are climbing up life’s hill is mean! 😉

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