Thursday Scribblings 24.3.16 manipulation 4

Label them as something they won’t be able prove innocence from, this is a trick rampantly used by evil people all the time.

Most of these are powerful people and they use it to blackmail others, branding innocents as something that is really hard to rub off. Like terrorist, Maoist, hooker or other such things.

Fancy a girl? Brand her as a terrorist and then blackmail her. Catch her with her lover and then brand her as a hooker and blackmail her!

Hate a man? Brand him as a terrorist, that is as easy as apple pie in India, just place some posters and other things in his house or belongings and by the time he will be able to get a lawyer you can kill him and tell everyone that he died trying to escape.

Of course to brand someone as a terrorist you will have to be a cop or someone who has strong hold on cops, to brand someone as a thief or hooker… or questionable character… all you will need is a few more tongues to wag with you.

Idle tongues are always available for such people. Society never runs out of them. That is how human society is!


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