Thursday Scribblings 3.3.16 manipulation 1

Human beings are quite expert in this field, manipulation. They can do it in all levels, minor to destructive. Those who are expert in this field can turn day into night and vice versa. It is often hard to recognize them or their tricks before it is too late. By the time they have done the damage and scarred you, your conscience permanently or seriously.

Will love to talk about a few tricks people play with others, the ones I have known or felt them playing. First one is victim syndrome, I have seen two people up-close playing this game for entire miserable time-span that they passed near me, they were ace exploiters, I have never come across such brazen shameless exploiters again, maybe they warned me about the syndromes and I did not allowed anyone with such syndromes near me again but whatever the case is I did not meet another one after those two. These people play victim and gather a gang of “sympathizers” who without their own benefit make others serve these conniving creatures, “You should help your sister! She is so hard-working!” or “You should take more care of your brother, he looks so sad, underfed!” These people help these shrewd manipulators into getting what they want but don’t deserve.


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