Thursday scribblings 25.2.16

No they are not always right, teachers or elders can be wrong, but this is a knowledge that should better come with maturity and age.

If we walk around with this complex from childhood then chances are that we may go astray very young. Freedom is good, very good but only if you are matured enough to handle it.

Honestly even though all elders in my life were not role-models but still I think it is wise to listen to them and obey them to the limit of sanity. When I was younger even though I obeyed them but still the rebel inside me often questioned their wisdom, then, with age I realized that not all of their lectures were wrong, quite a nice amount of them were very good and might have been obeyed a little more.

As for teachers, I don’t have much complain against them, have learned a lot from them, never had much expectations from them so was almost never disappointed. This was a lesson I think was very good to be followed. To respect teachers. Because if we don’t respect them we will never learn from them, but yes, never follow anyone blindly. Respect but don’t jump into a well with your eyes open.


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