Thursday Scribblings 18.2.16 respect for books

This is another thing for which I will always be grateful to my parents and it also is one of those rare things for which I am grateful to my bully elder siblings, my parents only drew the outlines they did the meticulous fillings, that ended in a lesson that stayed for the rest of the life. Treating books properly! They truly are treasure, we learn that fact with age but as children well, as children they can be quite tempting!

I remember seeing books in library or lending stalls that had history written inside them, all sorts of babbling, sometimes pages were missing, especially the best pages! It can be quite tempting for a disrespectful or immature person to snip out the portions s/he loved best, a photo, a few pages… a thing we were taught not to do…ever!

My father had a whole collection of timelife books, they are sheer delight to any eyes, I can vouch on that! I remember I was not allowed to touch them when I was too little, even though I drooled on them, they were full of huge pictures of birds, flowers, animals!

One of my elder siblings used to sit with the book and turn the pages for me, they were that strict, and now I think that it was good that they were, it was another tragedy that they ruined those books in later years! The sole credit goes to them. They piled them up all in a room that was full of termites, and at that time we two, the youngest ones were busy as lunatics with our college and studies and of course serving them, it took only one monsoon to ruin them! By the time we discovered what has happened the damage was done, they were devoured.

But the lesson they taught when they were child resulted in a pure bliss, now, when the price of paperbacks is shooting sky high I feel glad that we were able to buy some as kids, there were lot more but there were some parasites in our ancestral home that stole and most probably pawned them off when we were not looking, a fact we came to know too late, by that time they were done with half of our library and wardrobe. But some of the books remained, and after reading them for hundreds of times they have stayed quite prim and pretty. Now as I am writing this article I am wondering if I will bring them out the cartons in which they are, because there is no wall closet in this flat to place them. We had to keep them in the cartons in which they came here from Hyderabad.

If I fish them out of the carton I will have to place them on floor, will that be a good idea? I highly doubt! What if rain water enters through window when I am not looking? Guess I will have to wait for the first rain!

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