Thursday Scribblings 29.10.15

Law 33 of 48 laws of power by Robert Greene says discover each man’s thumbscrew- everyone has a weakness, a gap in the castle wall. That weakness is usually an insecurity- an uncontrollable emotion, urge… discover it and its all your advantage.

Now my take on this law- it is so sweet when you bare your soul to others, I used to be that ****** before I met an evil witch who used each and every one against me, that was not enough for me, I confided again into another **** guess what…. well these two people taught me to keep my mouth trust even if I trust the person at that moment, phase of time, believe me if you are an angelic person you will always think that a monster is trustworthy! you will discover too late what a monster is. So my take- don’t bare your heart if possible to anyone!


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