Friday anecdotes 23.10.15

when the current of time
sucks you in
if you fight
you will only exhaust yourself
and that may end in drowning soon,
in place of that,
if you give in for a while
and let the water take you along
you may land in a place not planned
but that can be turned into advantage
not necessarily may it equate a wreck.

She too did that as a child, sticking firmly to the things she thought she should be doing, and often throwing her own sticks into the burning fire.

That is how we are as kids, that is why we need a guide.

Sometimes we charter a course, and then something intervenes, far more powerful than us and things go astray, we try to fight back, in place of that if we just let it pass, see what remains and then decide what we will do that is always better.

One day she was travelling by a little boat, she wanted to simply cross the river and go to the other side, spend some time there, a sudden gust ripped her away from her path and even though she tried she could not control it, it took her boat and shoved it against an island.

She tied her boat and cursed the gust a lot, then she started to look around her and realized that it too was very beautiful.

She contemplated for a while and decided that she will pass the day in the island, her primary plan can wait for a while.

friday anecdotes


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