Friday anecdotes 16.10.15

sufferings and miseries
people deal with them
in their own ways
lucky are those
who take them in stride
and try to keep their gloom
far away from mind.

When she was a little girl small things touched her sensitive heart deeply, little things made her sad and furrow her tiny brow for long, long time.

Then real problems started to show up and she became depressed, thinking that life is always wicked, there is nothing good in it.

Then came nightmares on earth and she lost all hope, and faith on humanity.

Then came the resurrection and she realized that pain, suffering will come and go, some have very little in life some have too much to endure. But, the more you let them hurt you the more they will.

If you don’t allow them to hurt you they will be there but you will live a happy life.

So she decided to ignore them for good.


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