Friday anecdotes 9.10.15

Then there was a teacher
who taught the princes
and to prove his loyalty
he made one of his pupils
sacrifice his thumb
so he could not compete
or outshine his royal pupils.

She often wondered if teachers deliberately misguide or not, then with time she came to know quite a handful of them, those who deliberately misguided people who respected, revered them to self-destructive path.

The most painful was the story of Eklavya, a tribal boy, he taught himself archery watching Dronacharya teaching Pandava and Kaurava princes the skills of war.

As he learned it from Dronacharya he thought he was his teacher so he asked him to see how he has learnt.

Dronacharya has promised Arjuna that he will make him the best archer in India, when he saw Eklavya’s skill he realized that he is nothing in comparison to Eklavya, so he did what no teacher should do!

He asked Eklavya to give his thumb as fees. He did.

Then she read about how Gandhi manipulated Subhaschandra to resign from the congress leadership, so that Jawaharlal could be elected.

Not all revered person are perfect was her thought!


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