Musegames on Wednesdays 30.9.15

She also came to know that it was her father, who dyed his hair and passed a year with that hapless girl pretending to be in his forties.

After the girl was dead, her father surfaced as a long lost descendant of the family, with the help of the duplicate he established the claim, the duplicate sold her part of the property and retired to USA with her husband, where he actually lived. Singh always paid his pawns lavishly and made arrangements of their settling abroad, so that their stains and dirty deeds can be left behind, no matter how dirty that was, that was a good incentive for too many.

That was to be known later, now she was walking towards the palace, it was huge and elegant.

The bomb was dropped on next morning.

“Kiddo I need a little sacrifice from you!” Singh started at the breakfast, they were sitting in the lawn, only they, Mrs. Singh was sleeping.

“What daddy?” she grinned from ear to ear.

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