170×170 day 153 30.9.15 dark stories

They were the bad ones, the wicked ones, they defied the rules of society, its ethics and morality and lived like kings and queens.

But, no matter how hard Hades tries people will always add the “underworld” before his king designation, and that is what made them angry.

So they tried to convince everyone that the whole world is wicked, evil so they too are no different, they are just like everyone else, so they should be treated as good and virtuous. Or the whole world should be called wicked and evil.

Some half agreed with them, some fully and others did not. Now these “others” made them really angry especially if they were vocal about their disapproval.

They firmly believed in the old saying, “united we stand, divided we fall!” so they chased those rebels down the alley to underworld. Some ended up there, some died, some ran away as far as they could from them but by the end of the day there were no more rebels left.



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