170×170 day 141 18.9.15 dark stories

“The advantage of being an Indian is your kids are insisted by everyone, everything around them to respect you, trust you with their everything. They of course go wayward but after an age, till then, if you tackle she will be a puppet in your hand. She will always think that you are her mother, right?” Sima said.

“All I want is revenge, she should pay for what her father has done to me. She should become what he made me, willingly, that will be the best revenge.”

“Don’t leave a single path leading to goodness in her life, ensure that every road she takes leads to hell or worse.”

“You will get your salary every month in your bank account, if you fail I will take care that you go to hell.”

“I am leaving but I will keep an eye on you, if you don’t do your job then I will make you regret.”

She left leaving the infant in the arms of the older woman for UK.



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