Tuesday Shots 22.9.15 Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

Have a great day!
love and hugs.

Golconda fort 23.8.15 IMG_0057

Golconda fort 23.8.15 IMG_0072

Golconda fort 23.8.15 IMG_0070

Golconda fort 23.8.15 IMG_0069

Golconda fort 23.8.15 IMG_0068

Golconda fort 23.8.15 IMG_0063

Golconda fort 23.8.15 IMG_0058

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14 thoughts on “Tuesday Shots 22.9.15 Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

  1. I am from NYC and visited Golconda 3 years ago when I was doing business in India. I have fond memories of Hyderabad; I remember our guide clapping so that we could hear how sound travels around the fort. Thanks for posting!

    • They still do that clapping thing, public and guide both! 😉

      You know there is a hall in Agra fort if you strike a match from one end of that room someone standing on the other end will clearly hear it. As for me, even though I am leaving Hyderabad I too will take really fond memories of it 🙂

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