170×170 day 138 15.9.15 dark stories

170x170 day 138 15.9.15

“Did you feel any remorse when you stole the rightful lover and his wealth from an innocent woman? Her trainee asked Jaya.

“Naah… I chucked that conscience part after becoming a pro, and you and I both know that too many people believe that pros too steal from the wives of the men they *** with.” Jaya answered.

“That woman never knew that she was being robbed, nor did my husband, I got the chance of leaving my shady life behind and retire in paradise.” She grinned.

Jaya stumbled upon this treasure while stalking a man who jilted her, that man was besotted by a woman who was besotted by God. She befriended that woman to keep him away from her lover, and with time, patience and skill she stole her identity on internet, and created a fake one in real life too, and bagged a millionaire who was in love with her.

Her friends helped a lot, now she is helping them to catch fishes from the same site.



2 thoughts on “170×170 day 138 15.9.15 dark stories

  1. these days wicked are spared good are punished 🙂 so…

    You know in Hinduism this is Kaliyug, where evil will flourish and then God will come down to restore good. It does sounds like that, does not it?

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