Friday anecdotes 11.9.15

This cant be and that cant be!
ha! the silly mind
how it tries to hide
within the walls of familiarity
and when they come crumbling down
it looks for mouseholes to hide!

Once upon a time there was a little girl with quite rigid beliefs, she believed in fairytale things and saw their reflection in human beings, the world.

Of course that castle of cards came crumbling down with the first gust but it taught her something, that an open mind is a blessing.

Your world maybe something but that does not means the entire world is just like that, or remotely close to your world, so the more you open your mind to probabilities the better it is for you in every sense.

AUTHOR SAYETH I really lived in fairy tale world, it took me long to understand the real world, even now I don’t understand it well and honestly don’t try to, but I have opened my mind to worst and best possibilities.

friday anecdotes


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