Thursday Scribblings 10.9.15

Law 26 of 48 laws of power by Robert Greene says keep your hands clean, you must seem a paragon of civility and efficiency, your hands are never soiled by mistakes and nasty deeds. Maintain such a spotless appearance by using others as scapegoats and cat’s paws to disguise your involvement.

Don’t we meet these people all around us! those who con or force others to do their dirty deeds? Well if you will ask my way I will say don’t do dirty things and yes, there is no use of broadcasting your mistakes in public, that may not be a good idea, if you have committed a mistake there is no need to grab a mike and holler, just take the responsibility with dignity and if needed punishment. If it is something that can be kept invisible then well… you may think about the consequences and then decide whether you will hide it for time being and see if it is exposed later with interest rate added!

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