Friday Anecdotes 4.9.15

our views don’t match
I don’t care that much
about who is right!
the first thing is they don’t match,
maybe you are right or I am
maybe we both are right, or both wrong
the first thing we should learn
is to respect the difference
from words to worlds.

Once upon a time there was a little girl, who of course like quite a few little girls thought she was always right, maybe not always but real close. Sometimes she argued too, but with age she became more silent, she did not agreed from heart but wasted not her time with arguments. She had firm belief on her own judgment.

Then experience showed up and taught her that she was not always right, sometimes the other person was absolutely right, even though sounded wrong.

That taught her to respect the views of others, no matter how different they were from hers.

AUTHOR SAYETH: I thank God for the day she taught me to respect differences- of every kind. If everyone, thing was absolutely same the world would have been really bland and boring!

friday anecdotes


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