170×170 day 121 29.8.15 love and friendship

170x170 day 121 29.8.15

If someone does not respects you, accepts you the way you are, unless of course you are Jack the Ripper or someone similar- think twice!

In life I have seen that people who don’t mutually respect often drift away from each other with time, even though in the beginning their passion or interest seems like truest love, deep extremely passionate, it ebbs with time.

Respect is one of the surest sign of love, where there is respect, true respect love certainly is there, in one form or the other. The other way round is also true, lack of respect often hints passion not love, maybe obsession that will slowly ebb away, so if you want to get involved with a person who does not respects YOU chances are high that you will lose that person unless of course with time s/he learns to love you.

As for me, respect and trust comes first in any relationship that means a dime to me, without these no relationship means anything to me.



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