Friday Anecdotes 28.8.15

certainly is a lesson
served hot!
it mostly hits the spot
and makes a mark
often permanent one.
But sometimes
it is good to pay heed
to what others say
or claim
that they have faced
or have seen!

Once upon a time there was a little girl who believed in not following anyone blindly, with all due respect to wise people and their wisdom she decided to pick up the ones that suited her life or her own experiences proved to be true.

but with age came another wisdom, sometimes it is good to listen to others too, even if they sound “insane”, there is no harm in pondering about “probability”, so many times she saw it that weirdest things became reality, things which she raised her eyebrows at!

AUTHOR SAYETH: It is very intelligent to keep a very open mind, as open as possible and listen to the one walking in front of you if s/he says there is something wrong with the path ;p

friday anecdotes


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