Friday Anecdotes 21.8.15

two perfect people
perfect on their own
may fail to form a couple,
even a mediocre one,
there is no use in clutching
till the other one dies
or one’s own demise.
Trying to find fault
is equally futile.
Sometimes bonding just fails,
no matter how hard you try
it just wont stay,
then after giving the final try
maybe you should part ways,
and try to find another love
before its too late!

There was a girl who had a heart full of purest love but an ample sense of dignity, that she just could not ignore, she did love but in return she hoped for due respect and affection, and when things did not worked out she walked away without hesitation, after giving it best try of course.

With age she realized that her heart guided her well! If you don’t love someone nothing can make you fall in love, persistence sometimes changes it to allergy! The same thing applies about others to, nagging, begging wont make anyone fall in love with you or love you! That is the tragic part of love but true!

So, it is always sensible to walk away after trying sincerely. There are millions of hearts, one may beat in harmony with yours 🙂 why ruin that chance?

Now she is middle aged and still does not regrets her way of looking at love. It is bad to have no relationships than an ugly intimate relationship!

AUTHOR SAYETH- Love cant be forced, it is a lesson learnt from experiences, wide experiences. It is wise to say goodbye before bitterness or allergy shows up.

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