Musegames on Wednesdays 19.8.15

She went downstairs, her father was sitting on a chair, a young man was sitting, facing him. He stood up when he noticed Mona crossing the lawn.

“Please Mehtajee!” she smiled sweetly, “Don’t stand up for me, I am not a queen or empress!”

The man smiled widely and pulled the chair for her. She sat down and pouted a bit before turning to her father, “Daddy! You should stop Mehtajee!”

Her father smiled fondly, “He is just showing his upbringing doll, he cant help being nice! He wanted to see you… that is why I disturbed your studies.”

The young man blushed hard and mumbled his apology.

“No…Mehtajee I was not studying. I was just getting up to get ready for college.” Mona smiled, “So why were you looking for me?”

“Oh! I will be really glad if you can squeeze out some time on Saturday and join me for the party I am throwing to get some financers for my movie… your presence is very lucky for me.”

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