Friday Anecdotes 7.8.15

She was never one
to dabble in religions
a bit devoted to own
but from the very start
she has been taught
to respect every man,
never be judgmental
without concrete fact.

So when the Babri Mosque was pulled down she utterly detested the power hungry politicians who caused it, when Hindu and Muslim started slaughtering each other she wondered where was their brain!

A country that in past has seen both the religions living together mostly in absolute harmony, learning from each other, respecting each other were dancing to the tunes of monsters who pitted them against each other.

In the end, after all the blood shed and misguided actions she still blames those who pulled down the babri mosque for the things that followed it, even terrorist attacks.

So, even if they are ministers and more of this country now dreaming to create a HINDU COUNTRY she hopes that someone kicks their teeth in and teaches them that INDIA is not their father’s inheritance, it is our country and we Indians will decide what we will do with it!


If you don’t respect all religions and believe that the damage is done by fanatics (including the ones of your own religion) then my views will NEVER be one with you.

I respect all religions because I don’t think any religion is perfect, but they all have something to teach us, so we can RESPECT all religions or be FANATICS ;p


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