Musegames on Wednesdays 5.8.15

Mona Singh, the only child of famous producer Mr. Singh, the skinny dark woman in her late twenties, knew how to play and never get caught.

A lesson she has learnt from her illustrious daddy, she was daddy’s little girl, who followed him around whenever allowed, she did not had access to all the spheres of daddy’s life but had total access to some and she utilized that to core.

Her father claims that he crossed the border with a tattered bag in his hand, which border…. well he claims he was a zamindar, a landlord in Bangladesh but shows no interest to connect with the people there. Says all were butchered in riots. He speaks Hindi, English, Bengali and a few more languages, none of them perfectly.

He claims that he is illiterate but Mona has discovered reading materials in his table that only amply educated person can understand.

Being an intelligent girl she has never questioned him.

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