Friday Anecdotes 31.7.15

Evil shadow
that is what he is
most probably he is evil
or works for one
whatever the inner story is
he is enveloped in it
it is a part of him
not disguise
for evil like goodness
cant stay hidden for long
it reeks through the cracks
of the mask it wears.

They entered like light and shadow in her life, she planted a sandal tree in her courtyard and a poisonous snake instantly coiled itself around it, refusing to budge.

They have been friends for years, on internet, then they decided to meet, they met, things changed thereafter, she fell in love he insisted on friendship, flip of coin, the scenario changed after meeting face to face, before meeting it was he in love she wanted friendship and now exactly the opposite. But she did not complained and the friendship remained intact, then he crept in, a dormant friend became hyperactive.

His words were sugar coated poison, she could feel the poison inside but he just wont get lost, he kept hounding her, being kind hearted she initially allowed him to return, one too many times, by the time she booted him out he has already infiltrated in her real life and was manipulating and controlling it from background, her already troubled life became hell, then her friend and she parted ways, the snake too stopped hissing in her ears, and then they returned together, one after the other, confirming her that she still lived under that poisonous snake’s vigilance and it just wont get lost till it dies, which she prayed soon!

AUTHOR SAYS: There is a pair of persons in my life, they are somehow tied to each other, I don’t know how because none of them is/was honest to me, one is illiterate or semi-illiterate wo/man with a very feminine voice and a poisonous heart, mind, the other one is a man because I have met him and if someone elbowed him away utilizing the advantage of invisibility that smses and emails provide then I don’t know! the one I met was a man, and the one latched to him well I don’t know… sometimes the voices of relatives match too much, my speaking voice is very much like my brother, I hope mine is a bit feminine but they sound similar! So even though this parasite attached to him sounded like a woman but I have met a man, heard him for days in next room I mean, he sounded just like this fellow. So…

But whatever they are men or women I am becoming sure about one thing that they are tied together and they keep entering my life to look for the other, that is, either they both do it or one does it, the other stalking him shows up in my life and starts bothering me.

This snake flitters around my blogs, using own name, daughter’s name so must have read my post about return of my old friend and decided to resume stalking again.

This is why cyber friendships can be very toxic if you allow them to trespass in your real life.

friday anecdotes


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