Musegames on Wednesdays 29.7.15

“I told you again and again to leave me alone!” she said calmly. “But how could you? You are the big cheese who does not accepts no for an answer!”

“So you hunted me like a dog hunts a rabbit, not to befriend but to kill, devour. I too ran till I could no longer run, and then I realized you wont let me be so I changed myself, or will I say you forced me to change because you did not left any other option for me.”

“Now! you will lie here immobilized while I collect your money and vanish, and before you get your limbs back to mobility, the cops that has been hunting high and low for you for more than a decade will be coming through that door!”

“Even though this money is not enough in comparison to the damages you have done, but they will have to do!”

He stared at her, saliva dribbling from his numb mouth, she stuffed her bag with his money and walked out of the door.

the wait started.

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