170×170 day 86 25.7.15

170x170 day 86 25.7.15

My friends know it very well, that my truly treasured gem in this world is God, the one thing I won’t let go no matter what the circumstances are, actually there has been times in my life when I have begged Her to not let go, naah, not because of my sinful ways, I was living in a house back then where of-course after shifting the only human being of that household told me that the man who lived before me practiced black magic in the room in my bedroom, some powerful stuff.

Honestly I don’t believe in them but that house reeked of evil, that courtesy I will give to the residents not some black magic trick but it simply reeked, I prayed every day that I passed in that house that God stays inside me like she had always, well she obliged!

Boy! I can’t imagine a life without her! So, without least doubt she is my most precious treasure.

Oh yes, to me God is female, mother.



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