Friday anecdotes 24.7.15

She was a restless soul, ever since her childhood she envied the gypsies and travelers whenever she gobbled up books about them. The little world in which she lived enchanted her beyond words, the flowers in her father’s garden and the butterflies they invited were aplenty, she loved them with all her heart and every other beautiful thing.

But whatever her heart wanted her traveling stars did not complied with! Ah! to be born in a conservative country inside a female body with amply smart mind! Daredevil enough to sneak out real often on bicycle to tour around her small town, enjoy the paddy fields, the banks and water of river Damodar, and sometimes gang up with other girls to travel nearby tourist spots but not enough to go out on a cross country trip ;p

So she started to follow a poem she has read in her textbook as a child, in which the poet mocks himself that he has wasted thousands of rupee, toiled to no end to travel across the world, to visit a thousand sites but have never admired the beauty of a single dewdrop on a corn, right beside his every day path!

So, instead of dreaming of faraway places too desperately she diverted 70% of her energy to the beauty right beside her, surrounding her, in birds that visited her neighbourhood every day, the clouds, the sky, the stars… soon the life itself became beautiful to her!

Every direction she turned her face beauty was already waiting for her there.

Ah the blessed eyes
that God gifts us with
often gets misguided
by too many distractions
of this confusing world
anyone can dive inside
and touch those eyes
with love’s magic wand
and they will open
see the beauty
in each and every thing.


I feel blessed by the intensity with which I love the nature and its small big things, I know there are many of us who share this whole-hearted love for nature but I think all of us have this love, only many of us stop being receptive to nature and her beauty for one reason or other!

It is a one time gift, even if you believe in rebirth, don’t forget you will be handed over a clean slate, so you will live from scratch, and what if you are born as a whale? you wont be able to enjoy the beauty of land!

So love and enjoy all the beauty around you.

friday anecdotes


6 thoughts on “Friday anecdotes 24.7.15

  1. So many great sentiments and thoughts in this, Sharmishtha. I have noticed as well, that there is so much beauty all around. It’s not necessary to spend any money to see it either.

  2. Nature does offer so many beautiful small things that go unseen because people are in a hurry…good that you take the time to see them…have a wonderful weekend.

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