Friday Anecdotes 17.7.15

Once upon a time, not very long ago there was a girl. Who grew up thinking that she was not beautiful, rich, talented or successful so she had no reason to be afraid of envy. A power she thought was the most destructive power.

But she forgot a simple truth, there are haters in this world and envious people, they often hate, envy everyone who is different from them, they don’t have to be pretty, smart, intelligent, successful…being good, sincere, loved was enough for them.


people so easily ignore it
think that is but harmless
but those who have dealt it
from close quarters know
it is a quagmire
infested with serpents
that unfortunate for its victims
can think
and move
and instead of a careless traveler
stumbled in one accidentally
it often pounces on
someone after covering quite a distance
and devours its prey.


Humility is a beautiful virtue, I grew up firmly believing that I don’t have anything for which anyone in this world can be envious of me.

Unfortunately after meeting n+1 number idiot who thinks otherwise I decided that envious people are dumb, but not harmless, so don’t be naïve, no matter who/what you are I can assure you that there are some people who envy you. So do enjoy that but be careful of them a bit or lot, they may try to drag you down to their level!


birthday cake

Today is my birthday, if you want a piece of the cake you will have to come here, 🙂

All sweet wishes are more than welcome!


friday anecdotes

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