170×170 day 65 4.7.15

65 4.7.15

We should always have a neat list of things, harmless activities or hobbies that will pull us out of worst case of depression or bad mood.

Every normal human being deals with these phases when it seems that universe is out to get them, it is absolutely hell bent to make his or her life a perfect hell.

Well, that can’t be the case, most probably it is just a phase or a group of people trying to convince you that you are doomed, the best thing you can do for yourself is ignore that darkness that is trying to choke your heart and soul, so that you can understand clearly and of course have a life worth living.

I have not met any doomed person who does not possesses any favorite pastime, an activity that absolutely absorbs him or her and returns fresh and happy, so if your boss chases you around the office all day long, in the evening bring out your guitar and drive the neighbours crazy!



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